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GTA 5 Mobile Android & iOS

Now you can download GTA 5 first-person perspective game with quality graphics to your smartphone as an app on android platforms or on iOS systems.

By using the download link you always download the latest version of the app.

Game available worldwide!

Gta5 Mobile Download

Great action-adventure game game story

Grand Theft Auto V is a focused crime thriller about madmen and criminals. Player career is based on crime satire. The story begins with a middle-aged man named Michael De Santa, who is a thug in open world in mobile game.

The entire scenario of GTA 5 Mobile takes place in the virtual city of Lost Santo State (San Andreas). The virtual state included in GTA 5 for Android is an imitation of Southern California. The basic theme of the game is working as a criminal in a virtual state with different partners embedded in a long history. The whole story revolves around three criminals in different cities.

What’s new in the GTA V APK?

The latest version of the game has been designed in such a way that every player can easily enjoy the great graphics in the game even on older mobile devices.

Amazing optimization makes you can play on android devices with android 10 and the latest and iOS devices. The game is fully compatible with multiplayer mode so you can safely play on your account transferred from another gaming platform PC or Xbox.

The entire series of Grand Theft Auto Action Game series designed by rockstar games is extremely popular and has gathered many players around the world. Therefore, together with a group of outstanding android phone developers we decided to transfer the world of GTA5 to mobile phone! We managed to create an application covering everything from the basic version.


Fascinating Gameplay

GTA 5 Mobile is not just a regular game, it is a real blockbuster that is shipped to mobile devices. Action-packed crime drama with characters with anger management problems, a vast sandbox world with many locations and opportunities for free-wheeling exploration set in Los Santos and surrounding Blain County, San Andreas has been shown for many years. The format spoils three different characters with different storylines to create a unique and drastic whole plot, GTA 5 Android is an insanely fun breakthrough. What is all the fuss about GTA 5 Mobile and why you should download it.


The game is unfortunately not available on the play store. To play mobile version of the game on android smartphone you need to download and extract downloaded file.

Step by Step Guide

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  • Download Files
  • Extract Files
  • Play!

Let’s Get Started

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