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The abilities of Franklin

This black kid is from a less fortunate section of Los Santos. He aspires to be a mobster in the real world. A diligent worker, but his ideas are sometimes scuppered by his friends in the area, who approach gangsterism in a looser and less systematic fashion.

Franklin will eventually be joined by a canine companion by the name of Chop. It will be possible to work with Rottweiler, as well as have free time with him to practice new feats. All of this is made possible through a mobile phone app.

Franklin’s driving prowess is his most crucial ability. When you’re fleeing from the law, it’s a good idea to hand over the wheel to him. Using two analogue knobs, he has a unique ability to slow down time while driving, allowing him to effortlessly get through the most challenging aspects of pursuits. Entering narrow alleyways or making last-minute passes at crossroads to avoid chasing police are examples of situations in which this technique might be effective.

Michael’s abilities

Ex-thief: He is an expert at planning and carrying out large-scale thefts. A failed action is seen in the game’s prologue, and he is placed under witness protection. As a result, he receives a new identity and a lavish mansion in Vinewood, Los Santos’ most affluent neighborhood.

He shares a home with his snobby wife and their two young children. He and his family don’t get along. While he was “retired” from the witness protection program, he has been missing his former ways ever since he met Franklin.

Time slows down for him during fight (press the two analog knobs to activate). If you find yourself in the thick of a major conflict or decide to commit a theft, this can come in useful.

Trevor’s abilities

Trevor is a former United States Air Force pilot. He’s a psychopath who used to be Michael’s best friend and is now a grumpy, angry, and uncaring jerk. Their communication was cut off for over 10 years when Michael entered the Witness Protection Program. They’ll cross again at some point.

In the event of a helicopter or aircraft heist, Trevor’s expertise in flying machines will come in help more than once.

It is possible to activate Trevor’s “anger mode” by simultaneously hitting two analog buttons. To put it another way, Trevor will be able to do more damage and be less vulnerable to assaults from others. Also check GTA 5 Mobile version of game.