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Because the world of Grand Theft Auto 5 is so vast, you’ll need both a map and some form of navigation to go about.

To open the map, press Start (PC: Escape) on the pad to enter the menu. Confirm by pressing A or X on your keyboard (PC: Enter). LT / L2 (PC: WYPM) and RT / R2 (PC: WYPM) are used to zoom in and out on the map, respectively.

Hit A / X (PC: LPM) to confirm your choice of destination, then press the navigation button to begin your journey. Restart the game. You may see a glimpse of the path followed in the lower left corner of the map. This means that you won’t have to waste time walking around in search of your destination.

Keep in mind that there is a little possibility that the navigation will take you in an unexpected or unintuitive direction. You should keep in mind that this happens to genuine gadgets as well.

You may also add your own markers to the map, such as points of interest. It’s as simple as pointing your cursor at the marker and then pressing the appropriate key (PC: Tab). The marking for useful locations will be added.

Various marker kinds are shown on the right side of the huge map to identify various locations. They make it easier for you to locate the locations you want to visit fast (for example, car repair shops, tattoo parlors, airports, or possible missions). The D-pad is used to choose them (PC: mouse).

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