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Guide to GTA 5: Everything about the phone.

You’ll be using your phone for a lot of different things, which is a good thing. Using the D-pad (PC: up arrow) and pressing it to hop between things, you can remove your device from the game. Hitting A / X (PC: Enter) confirms your selection, and pressing B / (PC: Backspace) returns you to the previous menu (PC: Backspace). The following are some of the features offered by the phone:

Email is where you receive unsolicited information that seems to be spam. Reading this will tell you about new weaponry and vehicle improvements available in AmmuNation stores and workshops, as well as your account balance. Messages from friends and family may sometimes arrive, and you will be able to respond to some of them (button A / X). On rare occasions, you’ll find some news concerning ongoing missions GTA 5 APK.

gta 5 phone

In the course of the day, you’ll be bombarded with text messages. They will cover a variety of topics, such as a new mission that has been released, or a change in the rules for a current one.

Here, you’ll find a list of all missions, as well as information regarding completed tasks and other missions you’ve completed, such as visiting tourist spots and random occurrences.

If you’re not currently engaged in a quest, you can use this option to store your current state of play. A / X confirms your selection of a new or existing file (PC: Enter).

A list of all of your contacts may be seen under the Contacts tab. You may converse to other individuals about current events, or you can ask someone out for a night on the town together. If you don’t know what to do in Los Santos, here is a good place to start looking.

Changes to your phone’s settings can be made in this section. If vibrations are enabled on the pad, you may enable or disable them as well as change the wallpaper, profile, ringtone, and theme.

Snapmatic is a photo-sharing program that lets you shoot and share photos.

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