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Every time you start a task, you don’t have to travel to the beginning location on your own. Taxi services are constantly available. To hail a cab, glance around the streets and hold down the D-pad () when you see one.

Another option is to request one. The item with the cab icon is in the Contacts section of your phone. It will appear in your location within only a few seconds of you making the call. If you’re in the woods or some urban backroads, it’s best to approach the next main roadway, since the automobile may not show up if you don’t.

The left analogue knob (PC: WYPM) may be used to pick a location from the available options (such as the start of the operation or the airport, as well as the hideaway and many more), and the A / X button can be used to confirm your selection (PC: Enter). For a fee (A button/X button; PC: Enter), you may order the driver to speed up, stop, exit, or go to the specified area faster (X button/; PC: Spacebar). You can also tell the driver to speed up, stop, or back out of the car (B button/; PC: Backspace).

It is possible to take public transit in the game in addition to the cab. Trains and the subway (mostly in the northern half of the island) are two options. It is important to keep in mind, however, that you will not be able to get anywhere with them as you can with an Uber or similar service. Only certain routes can be used by these modes of transportation.

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